Eligibility for Services

To be eligible for services with the FVBIA, you must have proof of a diagnosis of an acquired brain injury (ABI).  This must be confirmed by a physician and supported with medical and/or rehabilitation documentation.

Proof of ABI from a PhysicianSupported with Medical & Rehabilitation Documents
CT scan Psychiatric reports with DSM IV diagnosis of ABI
Neurologist reportNeuropsychological assessment clearly indicating ABI
Physiatrist reportHospital records clearly indicating ABI
MRI reportMedical/rehabilitation or hospital discharge reports clearly indicating ABI

Additional Requirements

  1. Residency and citizenship requirements
  2. Currently living within the boundaries of Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association (Langley to Boston Bar)
  3. Limited or no funding from other sources (i.e. ICBC rehabilitation, ICBC settlement, Worker’s Compensation Board, Crime Victim Assistance Program, Long or Short Term Disability Programs)

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