Brain Fatigue

By Dr. Douglas Lee One of the most common effects that occurs for individuals with brain injuries is brain fatigue.  We have all likely had occurrences of this in our lives where we have had to manage too much information within a certain period of time and get to the point that we just can’t … Read more

Autonomic Arousal Problems Following Brain Injury

By Dr. Douglas Lee Autonomic arousal is typically defined by the following symptoms: (1) Palpitations or pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate. (2) Sweating. (3) Trembling or shaking. (4) Dry mouth (not due to medication or dehydration). This is not a typical outcome of a brain injury but can happen. Such arousal is controlled by … Read more

Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

FVBIA has created a reader-friendly emergency preparedness package geared towards people with acquired brain injuries, learning challenges and other cognitive challenges. For more detailed information about specific topics, please click on the links below. Emergency Preparedness Checklist How to Prepare for an Emergency What to Include in Your Emergency Kit How to Expand Your Emergency … Read more

“I learned to love and accept the new simplified me”

The year before my accident, mom was in hospital with a suspected heart attack. I was caring for a rebellious teenage daughter, mom, a two-acre property with horses and animals, plus my professional speaking and writing business, with two books on their way to be published in the USA in spring, 2005. I then had to deal with all this and a serious contra-coupe traumatic brain injury.